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Welcome to my internet presence

This web presence is purely private nature and commercial requests, even to sell this domain I reject!

My name is Jörg Schmidt and I am an IT specialist for system integration. Therefore a homepage is obligatory. Of course I could write everything in my native language (not Bairisch, but German with Hessian accent), but where is the international flair then?

To my person, MCSE certified, HTML5 and Microsoft professional as well as familiar with Mac, already rather a Mac fan, love the Alps and with the motorcycle to discover the world.

Pictures are captured moments

Every situation and every living being is unique.

Taking professional pictures of nature, people and events with the camera in my hand completes my profile. Yes, there's more to tell or to say, but that's so private that it wouldn't have to be shared publicly! Also my social media platforms are privatized!

I attach great importance to privacy! Enquiries can be sent to me via a contact form, but please no job offers, domain sales or other advertising campaigns.

Thank you very much and thank you for being there!
Jörg Schmidt

Why this page? Because I like programming and experimenting with the latest technologies. No more, no less!

Some German proverbs:

  • "Only the hard come in the garden"
  • "You walk me animally on the cookie"
  • "Get the cow off the ice"
  • "There is no standing on one leg!"
  • "I do believe my pig whistles!"
  • "i think, i spider!"
  • And I love fun!

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